We are specialized in construction with Japanese domestic materials in traditional method

About KIWADA Construction

With Traditional Art and a Heart of Japan

Horyuji — beyond a millennial history —
Traditional solid technique and parts are made use of the historic National Treasure Temple, giving the construction the dignity of Japanese erection civilization.
Our suggestion of the centuries-to-stay temples and shrines is based on the profound study and utilization of the solid parts and history-proven technique. Imagine temples and shrines in big trees — where you get the peace of mind.
We sincerely undertake from design to completion with a number of specialized and skilled carpenters in solidarity.

KIWADA Construction Co., Ltd. Managing Director Kenji Kiwada

Suggestion of Peaceful and Relaxing Interior Space

Another mission, besides the study of the traditional temples and shrines, is to suggest the peaceful and relaxing interior space coordination.
Japanese economy kept prospering for 50 years after the War. Now it’s 21st century, the economy is in chaos, men and women of all ages are restless, and the society itself is falling ill. People are eager for peace-of-mind and healing their soul more than ever.
We are happy to suggest such space coordination all together on request.

You can afford Domestic Materials with the Current Budget!

In late years it tends to rely on the imported materials because of the extreme dificulty to secure sizable domestic ones for temples and shrines construction. However, temples and shrines are Japanese precious property of spirit to hand down. It is obvious Japanese domestic materials are the most suitable for Japanese climate.
Would you say, “I wish I could afford it…”? If so, please get in contact with us before you completely abandon it. We are always happy to be of service to you.
Of course, we always make best effort to cut down the cost. Don’t worry, rely on us!

About KIWADA Construction About KIWADA Construction

Past Results

Temples/Shrines Construction Results

Please take a look at a diversity of temples and shrines we undertook; The Kengun Shrine (completed in April, 2000) may demonstrate the outstanding technique of our specialized carpenters.

  • Kengun Shrine, Tower Gate
    Kengun Shrine, Tower Gate

    Rebuilt to commemorate the 1,450th anniversary, its solemn appearance from the straight approach attracts many worshipers. Especially the zelkova-made tower gate, the warmth it gives, is of our boast. Completed in April, 2000

  • Gakurinji Temple - Mountain Gate
    Gakurinji Temple – Mountain Gate

    Famous for the west mound of “Musashi Miyamoto”, as well as the grave of “Chikamasa Jou”, the founder of Garden Plant Festival of Kumamoto begun in the Edo era. Completed in March, 1987

  • Daionji Temple
    Daionji Temple


  • Seifukuji Temple, Mail Hall
    Seifukuji Temple, Mail Hall

    Temple at Tojimmachi, the seat of Kumamoto-shi, famous for the connection with Tokugawa family in Edo era. Presents a nationa-treasure-class Amitabha statue dedicated in Edo Tokugawa shogunate government era. Completed in April, 2000

  • Saiunji Temple
    Saiunji Temple


  • Zenteiji Temple
    Zenteiji Temple


  • Sugawara Shrine
    Sugawara Shrine


  • Konshinkai Shrine
    Konshinkai Shrine


  • Takahashiinari Shrine
    Takahashi Inari Shrine


Sculpture Business

We also mediate, produce and sell a variety of sculptures.
Pleaes consult us!

  • The Goddess of Mercy

    The Goddess of Mercy

  • Amida Statue

    Amida Statue

  • Amida Statue

    Amida Statue

  • Acala


  • Kaerumata(Dragon)


  • Shishibana